The Routes


Gold Route

Distance: 78 Miles/126km   Total climbs: 6,141 ft

Gold Route Overview

You will need to train for this route ready for those big hill climbs. This is the route that has the biggest challenges to overcome but also has the biggest rewards. Take in the spectacular views over Monmouth as you catch your breath once you’ve tackled the monster of a hill at Lydart. The food and water stations will be needed as this route will put you to the test with hills that are short & sharp and long & gradual. Don’t let the challenge put you off because this route has a lot to give back for those brave enough.

Gold Route Details


78 Miles

Total Climbs:

6,141 ft


Caerleon Comprehensive School


From 7.15am

Cycle Start Time:


Fuel stops:

24 miles: Llanarth - 36 miles: Monmouth - 53 miles: Trelleck - 69 miles: Usk Cricket Club